Services Provided by Fame Boulevard

Talent Representation

“Fame Boulevard” is set to become a bank of local talent representing actors, extras and models, as well as freelance professionals from the entertainment industry for work in film, television and television commercials

Essentially, We are providing an opportunity for everyone interested to participate in both local and international productions being made in United Arab Emirates.

As a talent and model agency we represent a vast range of looks, nationalities, age groups and levels of experience. Our main requirements are that talent, models and freelance professionals we represent, are keen, properly skilled, reliable and able to take direction and they can make themselves available when required.

“Fame Boulevard” has a highly functional and innovative talent agency database that allows production companies, ad agencies, casting directors, as well as our own bookers, the ability to make complex search requirements of current talent and display details such as photos, show reels, videos, skills, experience and statistics online as well as it allows the talent and professionals registered with us to enjoy the freedom of updating and maintaining their own profiles and portfolios.

Freelance Professionals/Artists Representation

Aside from the Talent database we are looking to create a solid certified data base of freelance professionals from the Entertainment industry which skills can be used for Film (film producer, film editor, sound specialist…), Print (photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist…), Shows (choreographer, DJ specialist…), Exhibitions, live entertainment and Fashion Shows.

Crew Accommodation

In case of  a larger production from outside Dubai we can assist you with accommodation services. Thanks to our real estate company The Mark Realty (, we have appropriate places for all, at all levels of accommodation including properties suitable for bulk vehicular stand and equipment secure locations.

Location Scouting

Simply send us your brief and we will offer you Location Solutions! We ensure all areas are covered by using Location Approval Services (LAS) department as the exclusive authority of issuing all shooting approvals in Dubai.